قصة عن زيارة مدينة بالانجليزي‎

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I went to Mecca it is beautiful and I saw the Grand Mosque Hallelujah was the smell of the Kaaba is very impressive, have not been able words and described and how beautiful smell I felt relieved a lot when I smelled this smell was the Grand Mosque has a lot of people of all races and it was a dress Kaaba silk natural colored in black and the words that are written on the dress is written with pure gold, and when we got out of the Grand Mosque was air Harccant streets crowded with people and there are in Mecca a lot of mountains, including low-including elevated Sobhan of the creation and perfected and we went to the park and had a lot of palm I wish I could go to them again

Today I visited the Amersfoort Zoo and was part of the visit guided by the director of the Zoo. He was a very directive fellow, ordering people what to do. He started with the remark ‘ We can see how well collegues can get on with one another here’, then followed a set of stories about the cruelties that happen in animal life, he talked in detail about how a male monkey in a bad mood crashed a baby monkey to a stone and split its skull. He thought it hypocritical that people were shocked by this because we eat meat and; ‘ when you see a big bird chop and eat a little bird in our garden we think its ok’ Do we? He does. Then followed an anecdote about a monkey who threw shit into a visiters face; which he told with great enthusiasm


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